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Magitech Corporation - Pocket Dance artwork Pocket Dance
Magitech Corporation
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 12, 2017

Dancing brings music to life. Through Pocket Dance watch one of two beautiful dancers dance on a stage. You can change the number of stage lights that are active, the lighting effects and even the clothing and accessories of the dancers. Select a song from your own music playlist and pick your style of dance. Choose from several different varieties including Hip Hop, Swing or Salsa. Feel the beat of your music and let the pocket dancers mesmerize you!


– Choose from 2 dancers to suit your style of music: Phoebe who is ready for the club or Catherine who is casually dressed. You can view one dancer at a time.
– Pick your dance style and watch the dancer cycle between a variety of dance moves from each style.
– Selecting your music is simple. Just tap the music button and allow access to your music playlist to set a song.
– Dance styles include Hip Hop, Samba, Swing, Belly, House, Salsa, Jazz and Funky.
– Customize your dancer’s outfit with options such as changing their hair, outfit colour and footwear.
– Holding down option buttons can have different effects such a dimming a light, repeating or shuffling dance moves or changing effect ambience and colour.
– Tap the tempo icon to speed up or slow down the movement speed of the dancers to match with the tempo of your music.
– Ambient effects can change the colour of the stage lighting, add falling snow, gentle rain, rolling fog or light orbs to add drama to the performance.
– You can favourite a dance move for easy replayability.
– Spice up your music with the action and stage effects of Pocket Dance!

App Tips:

– Most buttons have two modes. Tap a button for one action or try holding down any option button for different effects:

– Tap the favourite button [Heart Button] to add the current dance clip to the favourite group.
– Press a light to turn it on or off. Hold down an individual light to either dim or brighten the light.
– Tap the speed icon [Tempo Button] to view the current speed setting for a dance move. Press and hold the [Tempo Button] to speed up or slow down the dance.
– Tap on the [Dancer Icon] to switch between Phoebe or Catherine. Holding down the [Dancer Icon] brings up buttons to customize the outfit and accessories of the current dancer.
– Press the [Music Icon] to allow access to your music playlist to pick a song to play in the app.
– Tap the [White Square Button] to turn on or off the Ambient light. Holding down the [White Square Button] allows you to brighten or dim the light.
– Pressing the [Circle Button] turns on or off omni light. Holding down the [Circle Button] allows you to change the colour of the omni effect lighting.
– A quick tap of the [Multi Coloured Icon] will turn on or off background effects. Tap and hold the [Multi Coloured Icon] to change the background effects. Tap again to switch to the next option. Pick from rain, snow, bokeh or fog.
– Tap the dance button [Dance Button] to change the style of dance. Pressing and holding the [Dance Button] shuffles the dance options or loops the current dance move.
– Tap the [File Button] to load a saved stage light setup. Tap and hold the [File Button] to save to the current slot.

– Try turning on and off a different combination of stage lights to highlight and add drama to the music. Turning off all the lights besides the ambient light, for example, will give the stage a harsh comic feeling.
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