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Jaime C. Carriedo - Phrasal Rings: Phrasal Verbs artwork Phrasal Rings: Phrasal Verbs
Jaime C. Carriedo
Genre: Education
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Release Date: December 30, 2014

English… and you have 2 minutes?
Practise and refresh your Phrasal Verbs.
Nice, Simple and Quick Tests:
● Beginners: tests from the top25 common verbs
● Intermediate: quick tests from the top100 or top200
● Advanced: quiz from 3.000 examples

1) Tap on the circle with your answer
2) Finish the ring as quick as you can.
Check your time.

Practise Phrasal Verbs clasified in categories:
● by verbs ( get, set, give, go, …)
● by most common lists (top 25, 100, 200, ..)
● by type of actions ( mental, body, exchange, …)
● by alphabetical order.

🙂 Enjoy, practise and learn 🙂
© © 2014, J. C. Carriedo

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