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Egate IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $0.99
Release Date: September 10, 2014

Photo Editor HD (PEDIT)

Bring more attraction to your pics by add/changing frames.

Assign background frames to your pictures or images and add tag to it & also modify images/pictures with this app.

Photo Editor HD App Features:

– Add Text to the image
– Place text anywhere on the picture
– Add tag to picture
– Change brightness
– Change contrast, hue…
– Rotate picture in any angle
– Crop image/picture
– Add frames
– Easy to edit tools
– Zoom in/out
& much more….

User friendly design
Easy to use interface
Use finger to write/draw notes on picture
Move text to any place on the picture
Add alot of frames to choose
Use brush to draw
Crop picture as required
Save the modified image
Share the modified picture with your friends,colleagues,…..

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