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Pulse Studio - Ollie the AR Elf artwork Ollie the AR Elf
Pulse Studio
Genre: Games
Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 25, 2018

‘Ollie the AR Elf’ is an augmented reality (AR) app with a fun, original holiday story that will bring Christmas cheer to your home this season. Follow along with Ollie as he counts down the 12 days before Christmas by preparing new decorations and activities for you to interact with each day.

Ollie Jinglemaster is an adorable Christmas Elf that wants to bring holiday cheer to people's homes. Now, with the ‘Ollie the AR Elf’ app, he can come to your home where you can watch and interact with him in new seasonal scenes each day.

Designed for kids, it's easy to use:
•Just pick a location in your home
•Place the AR target on a flat surface
•Enjoy watching Ollie and friends as they prepare for the upcoming holiday
•Tap characters for special interactions
•Return the next day to see a new activity

Ollie’s planning begins on December 14th with new scenes unlocking each of the 12 days before the big one!

‘Ollie the AR Elf’ features:
•Hide and Seek game letting parents place Ollie and his friends around their house and start children on the hunt for Ollie.
•Elf-ie photo op letting you take photos of your friends and family with Ollie to share on social media.

Visit OllietheElf.com to sign up for notifications or like our Facebook page for more information.
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