Native Land 2 – Hao Wu

Hao Wu - Native Land 2 artwork Native Land 2
Hao Wu
Genre: Games
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Release Date: January 13, 2017

Once, I went to the forest in Africa for my research work about Inca tribes. I am impressed by the lifestyle of the tribes. And I would like to share an interesting moment with you all. One day in the forest they had a get-together and also they invited me to record the events.
With lot of curiosity I went to see there, the tribes gathered together and started to pray.
At the end of the prayer, I was totally amazed with their activities. That is because they took me to a play yard and started to explain their rituals. There I saw a group of magical stones; they started to move one by one and placed only one in the glowing spot. To my surprise, the stone turns into their god.

Your task is to move the jump over the stones until only one remains in the glowing spot. Good Luck!
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