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Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: November 18, 2015

A fun and interactive alternative to watching film clips, without ads or in-app purchases! In Nampa Tivoli amusement park the kids get to enjoy the thrilling rides and creative play with no queueing. The app is bursting with colour, humour and of course, disco dancing!

Nampa apps get their inspiration from the colourful and humorous world of cartoons. However, instead of watching from the sidelines as the stories evolve, the child will be able to actively participate.

Nampa Tivoli includes six mini-games. The kids can decorate their own rollercoaster carts, run an ice cream stand, giggle in front of the funny mirrors, ride the magical disco wheel and lots more!

Key features

•Six interactive mini-games
•No language barriers; no text or talk in games
•No score counting, the child can not fail
•Every game ends with disco dancing!
•Charming original illustrations
•Quality sounds and music
•Easy to use, child-friendly interface
•No third party advertising
•No in-app purchases
•Best suited for children under 5 years old
•Suitable for iPad and iPhone, iOS6 or later


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About Nampa Design

Nampa Design AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Nampa-apps are designed and illustrated by our founder Sara Vilkko.

App development by Twoorb Studios AB
© © 2015 Nampa Design AB

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