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Genre: Finance
Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 23, 2013

Where is my money?
Don´t ask this question anymore!
My Money is now your own stylish personal finance manager for you, your family or your work with the synchronization across devices.
With My Money you can see where your money is going and you can keep your spending under control.

– My Money is very simple for using and for monitoring your spendings.
– You can set recurring commands for your income and expenses (eg the salary, rent …)
– You can send your records via e-mail through html table or to export it into Excel.

– You can determine the overall budget or the budget for each category or to change it every month.
– You can always compare your spending and your budget through the selected time period on the chart.
– You can choose the chart such as a day, week, month, quarter or the year period.

– My Money supports all world currency with a live rate.
– When you are abroad you can enter expenses in the local currency and you won’t be worried about the current rate.
– You can also enter a rate manually or you can also change it in your records later on.

– iCloud supports built-in. (Synchronization and backup of your notes among all your devices).
– All changes on your devices or the other family device (for the same account) will be updated.
– Supporting multiple accounts. Store location of your expenses.

My Money has an intuitive interface giving you all you needed for following of your home budget.
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