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Genre: Books
Price: $4.99
Release Date: August 11, 2018

My Bible is a simple and easy way to save and organize verses that are important to you on the fly.

Using organized and local saving technologies, My Bible loads all of your favorite verses for you immediately.

My Bible was built to not only capture the very moment you save a verse, but also re-create it whenever you need motivation in your walk as a Christian.

– Lightning Fast Saving Technologies
– Verse saving location based data
– Verses are sorted by date and show the date they were saved
– In the detail page of every verse, you can write and save why the verse is important to you for use at a later date
– Text-to-Speech technologies allow you to listen to your verse outloud
– Sharing Technologies allow you to share your favorite verse with your friends
– Download Verse Saver today and get access to all of your favorite verses in one place at anytime.

***Compatible With:
– iPhone, iPad, iPod running iOS 10.2 or higher

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