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Rosamosi ehf.
Genre: Education
Release Date: November 20, 2017

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mussila, an adventure full of music, monsters and exciting challenges.

Based on a musical curriculum this adventurous and creative game gives you the basic skills and tools to play and create your own music – with no experience required! Music is a universal language where no words are needed. The player progresses through skill building levels in a variety of games that focus on ear training, music theory, rhythm and melody with the aim of giving the player a solid musical foundation. Mussila is an exciting adventure that offers an easy entry into the world of music.

Mussila is designed to teach kids the principles of music through a fun game. Research shows that music education at an early age can boost brain development and preliminary surveys have shown that Mussila significantly speeds up the learning progress in music, with Mussila players scoring 20,2% higher in music theory compared to a non-playing comparison group. Mussila is based on a thoroughly planned curriculum, made to encourage the child’s self-esteem through accomplishment and fun play. It is a zero violence and gender-neutral adventure in which your child gains musical understanding they can build on for life.

Define rhythms by ear
Define melody by ear
Learn to recognise the instruments
Keyboard-Learn to play the piano
Get introduced to classical composers
Engaging skill building levels
Participate in interactive jam sessions
Customize the Mussila band
Catch a melody and travel through space
Make your own loops and beats
Record your voice and sounds from your surroundings
Create your own remixes of Mussila songs
Experiment with melodies and rhythms
Scratch the ‘vinyls’
Safe environment
Zero Violence
Simple interface
No Ads

About us:
The developers of Mussila are a dynamic group of people with background from the arts, music and technology. Based in Iceland, many traits of their Nordic home-country can be found in the scenes of Mussila, with volcanoes, lava and glacial rivers, all playing an integral part in the game’s storytelling. Rosamosi game studio was founded by Margrét Juliana Sigurdardottir, a DipRAM postgraduate from the Royal Academy of Music in London, and computer engineer Hilmar Thor Birgisson, an avid game player and developer. After receiving grants from The Icelandic Technology Fund and the Nordic Game Institute, they set up their talented team in 2015 with the aim of revolutionising music education by means of gaming and joyful approach. Rosamosi believes in music making being part of our everyday lives and that music education should be available for everyone.

Rosamosi is a part of Kids App Collective, a unique group of award winning app developers. Their Mussila app and the team has won numerous awards around the world. Their first game was nominated to the Nordic Game Awards 2017, Margret Juliana was Founder of the year for Iceland in the Nordic Startup Awards and won the GWIIN awards for education and research in 2017.
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