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Duncan Cuthbertson - Mums Movie Quiz 17+ artwork Mums Movie Quiz 17+
Duncan Cuthbertson
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Release Date: August 17, 2011

Mums Movie Quiz 17+

Welcome to Mums Movie Quiz! (the adult version)

WARNING: This version is 17+ Because the Yes/No responses are a lot ruder and cruder!

Lisa 32 from 'up North' is a mum with 2 kids and has been reading famous lines from movies, your friends have just gotta guess which movie they belong to.

She is a wanna be voice artist too and has given it her best shot!

Lisa has provided you with a simple quiz to play with mates if you get bored.

Who ever holds the device can see the answers and gets mum to tell them if they are right or wrong. Please do not play with younger players as the contact could offend.

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