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Tom Tennstedt
Genre: Finance
Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 14, 2018

All your personal finances in one app! With MoneyStats you have full control of your finances, your budget and your income and expenses! Create a financial overviews, evaluate, track and manage your finances! Download the app for free. Keep an eye on your budget, manage your money and your bank accounts, categorize expenditures, discover new ways to save money, manage your finances on different devices, automatically group your transactions, create recurring inputs and outputs, import from external data sources such as CSV-files and analyze your current and future financial outlook! MoneyStats is more than just a money app!

– Manage financial transactions and bank accounts all in one spot
– Your budgets all in one overview
– You transactions in customized groups and categories
– Your finances in charts and graphs
– Financial forecasts & reviews
– Compare groups and categories from different time periods
– Save money with saving strategies
– Set savings goals for your small and big investments
– iCloud synchronization for all your devices
– Easy-to-use, intuitive navigation, such as auto-grouping, tags for your groups and more
– Import and export external data sources, including CSV- and TXT-files
– Your financial data is well-secured and your privacy is paramount

Here are some sample questions you will be able to answer with MoneyStats:
– How much money has come in the last year?
– What are my monthly gas costs?
– What is my annual profit?
– When will I be able to buy my own home?
– How much money can I spend on clothes this month?
– What was my highest electricity bill?
– In which quarter did I make the biggest profit?
– What percentage do I spend on food?
– What is my average insurance cost?

Data protection:
Your privacy is very important to me! I do not ask you for any personal information. And you don't need to register in order to use the app. Your data is only stored on your devices, giving you complete control of all your sensitive information. For additional protection, you can setup an access lock which prevents unauthorized users from accessing your financial data.

I've tried to make MoneyStats as intuitive and helpful as possible and I continue to make imrovements and add new features. I look forward to all feedback, suggestions and questions and I will respond to your email as soon as possible. With your help, MoneyStats will be even more awesome!

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