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Zhong HuiYing - Money tracker -Expense manager artwork Money tracker -Expense manager
Zhong HuiYing
Genre: Finance
Price: $0.99
Release Date: December 28, 2017

MoneyTracker is the simplest and quickest way to track your Expenses and Income.
It will save you money and improve your financial health.

Quick data entry requires only a few taps even with one hand and you can export your data into spreadsheets like Excel.

●Easy for Beginners
Just select a category and enter business expenses or income.

●Entering is Super Quick
MoneyTracker is designed so that you can make your business entries super quick even with one hand. It comes with great functions, but no frills.

●Custom categories
Custom category icon, type, name

●Multiple Accounts
You can manage accounts for multiple businesses.

●Calendar mode view
The monthly transaction is marked on the calendar

●Export Data into CSV (Excel)
You can export your journal or report into CSV to open it with Excel, or other spreadsheet apps.

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