Modern Muscle PRO – Mucahit Kaplan

Mucahit Kaplan - Modern Muscle PRO artwork Modern Muscle PRO
Mucahit Kaplan
Genre: Games
Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 23, 2018

PRO Version is offer NO ADS and ALL CARS.

This game has designed for people who are passionate about drift and racing. Take your
mustang car, you will have exciting adventures in the game. It is one of the best sport car games
of 2018!
Experience a realistic car racing with detailed car designs. Modify your car and start the race.
Drive more, earn more and buy better cars with your earnings!
Download this free game, now!
Realistic cars in the game:
* Dodge Muscle
* Volkswagen Golf, Scirocco
* Audi A4, R8
* Ferrari
* Lamborghini
* Porsche
* Dodge Charger & Challenger(will be added)
* Realistic car designs, engine sound, driving experience
* Free, traffic, checkpoint and drift modes
* Modify your cars even wheels
* Accelerate with nitro
* 2 different city maps
* Cars can be damaged. Repair is free!

– Optimized for low devices. –
© © Kaplan 2018

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