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linokl - Mini Racer artwork Mini Racer
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 25, 2017

Mini Racer is an intense top down racing game. To win the race just pure driving skills is not enough, you need to be a thinking driver and plan your race well. The game has following features:

– 10 challenging tracks with various track characteristics. Some are bendy, some has long straights, some tracks are narrow and some are wide. Each track will pose different challenges to you.

– As you race your tyre will degrade so you need to take pit stops and get fresh tyres to stay in the game. You can time your pit stops strategically to get a jump on your rivals.

– The race has an active weather which can have an impact on the result of the race. If it rains, you need to put on wet tyres to get better performance out of your car.

– Based on your race standing you get upgrade points to upgrade your cars performance.

Go out there and see if you can become the champion. Good luck
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