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Dushan Stojanovich
Genre: Business
Price: $0.99
Release Date: June 1, 2017

The Mini Planner App enables flexible and timely project planning/task organization for a fast paced world for both private and business use.

* The Mini Planner App allows users to create simple yet effective task plans for both private and business use cases. The Mini Planner App is ideal for handling the rapid pace that we all lives our lives and enables users to create tasks/lists promptly.

* Mini Planner, example use cases, include customer facing projects plans, sales deal organization bills of work, children activity management and cooking recipe group. Ideal for business travels (conference call team) or working moms/dad that need a quick way to organize their menus.

* The Mini Planner App displays tasks in a table-like manner with tasks sorted in alphabetic order according to function names.

* Each task (or project) has Delete, Complete, Edit and View action ability.

* The Complete action allows users to strike out completed tasks.

* The Edit action gives users a choice to either edit parent tasks or to create a child of the parent task.

* The Mini Planner App contains an easy to use interface for managing and viewing (greater than sign indicates a parent has child work) jobs in child/parents relationships.

* The View action gives users a read-only view of the task name and description.

* The number of the child to parent tasks is unlimited.

* Child tasks have the same actions as Parent Tasks. The steps for Child tasks include Delete, Complete, Edit, and View.

* After a task is in the Complete state (strike out), the only work left is Delete, as a job is ready to be deleted.
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