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Heriberto Navarro - MexiMojis - Mexican Emojis artwork MexiMojis – Mexican Emojis
Heriberto Navarro
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $0.99
Release Date: February 18, 2018

Finally!! An app with the best mexican themed emojis. Are you craving a Molcajete? Well, send a beautifully designed Molcajete in your message. Are you hosting a backyard barbecue? Use the Carne Asada emoji. Having a party? Fiesta and Brincolin (Bouncehouse) emojis are available!! No matter what the occasion, enjoy 30 MexiMoji's for your messaging fun!

Use them in iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Guaranteed your friends will love them and want to download as well.

We welcome any suggestions to create different emojis so please go to the app and like us or leave your feedback. Happy Meximojin'!!!
© © 2018 Heriberto Navarro

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