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Roman Vartanov - Make Wheels artwork Make Wheels
Roman Vartanov
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 9, 2016

Make Wheels about anythnig you want. Can't decide what food to order? Put in your options and spin it. Want to decide who is doing the chores? Put in the names and spin it!
Extremely simple app which can be used for many decision-making and fun purposes. Works just like the wheel of fortune – you put in sectors and name and then spin it.
Perfect and honest way to decide who is doing the dishes, whether to take a bus, a bike or walk to work, what color to wear today – the app can be used for extremely huge amount of purposes.
All sectors have equal chance of winning – the result of the spin is absolutely random.

We took the liberty of creating 4 built-in wheels for you, just to show how the app works – you can edit or delete them.

Use dots in upper right corner of a wheel to edit it.

Enojy this fun and useful app! Please, rate it.

The display name of the app on your device will be MyWheels
© © Roman Vartanov

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