Mahjong Puzzler – Masanori Katsuta

Masanori Katsuta - Mahjong Puzzler artwork Mahjong Puzzler
Masanori Katsuta
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: January 11, 2011

Simple rule.
New type of the mahjong puzzle.

This is a game that removes all the mah-jong tiles piled up high like the tower.
Tiles that can be removed are three same tiles or the same kind of three sequential numbers.
Moreover, those tiles should be mutually adjacent.

This puzzle looks easy.
However, you should actually skillfully think about the combination of tiles and the removing order.

The number of puzzles is enormous.
Perhaps, you will become crazy about this game.
Please challenge this game.

-Completely original puzzle game.
-Career game and Stage game.
-There are 2,176 stages. (Career game)
-The number of puzzles is almost infinity. (Stage game)
-Full 3D graphics animation by OpenGLES.
-Comprehensible help by 3D animation.
-Retina display support.


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