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Human and Perfect Future Education
Genre: Education
Release Date: August 10, 2017

With 20 years’ experience developing educational products and following our App Store recommended, iHuman Story and iHuman Chinese, we are excited to present Magic Math Academy.

Let your child embark on a fairytale adventure to excite their interest in Math, followed by magical Math classes that explain practical concepts in an easy to grasp approach.

Our two-module system creates a varied learning path that will comprehensively improve the mathematical thinking ability of pre-school children.

【Teaching Content】

Math's Journey:

Begin your learning journey here with Math, a young wizard with a big task. Help Math save his friends, defeat mysterious demons and guard the magical mathematical world, all using skills and knowledge learned along the way.

Encounter ten unique environments, each with situational teaching that combines an engaging adventure story with basic math concepts. Learning numbers, addition and subtraction has never been more exciting.

Wizard’s Workshop:

Enter the Wizard’s Workshop to develop an understanding of more abstract mathematical concepts. Learn with a wise old Wizard who will explain concepts in an easy to understand way. Then play practice games to consolidate the knowledge you have learned.

The four courses in the Wizard’s Workshop cover the core requirements for early year’s mathematics training. Children will learn about Numbers and Counting, Operations, Geometry and Space, and Mathematical Thinking. Content in the Wizard’s Workshop is regularly updated to keep your child challenged and learning.

【Product Features】

-Professional system of mathematical thinking courses with full coverage of the four major requirements for early years learning.
-Teach, practice and assess. A clear and systematic approach to learning mathematics.
-High-quality audio creates immersive learning environments and provides clear explanations of mathematics concepts.
-Beautiful fantasy environments and fun cartoon characters make the learning experience enjoyable from start to finish.
-Learn while playing to develop mathematical thinking abilities.
-Enjoy learning, enjoy playing, enjoy growing. A new model for learning math.

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