MadDomino – Iordan Hristov

Iordan Hristov - MadDomino artwork MadDomino
Iordan Hristov
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: August 22, 2018

A dashing, young deer wants to join a circus so he can make people giggle by licking their ears. Help him join the circus by first eliminating the clown competition, then winning the domino game. 

The deer's tongue can travel the clown and domino paths. Lead his tongue around the points where the clowns can be trampled, mangled in a sewing machine, dipped in earwax or speared on horns. You can also use the deer’s tongue as a whip to send the clowns flying. 

A short tongue would not even reach the children in the first row and will disqualify you. When the tongue is long and loopy enough, it will start blinking. The dominoes can be set at any time. However, if there are still clowns around, they will hide in the domino chips. Find them before pushing the dominoes. 

Our game has already attracted what looks like positive reviews: “We have a star” – Bulgarian Academy of Science and “Masterplease!” – anonymous reviewer on a bullwhip forum.

Translations from gypsy language may be a bit clumsy, so please write to us with suggestions (ideally in gypsy) at

Thank you very much
© © 2018 Iordan H. Hristov

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