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Midnight Adventures LLC - Lost & Alone: Adventure Escape artwork Lost & Alone: Adventure Escape
Midnight Adventures LLC
Genre: Games
Price: $4.99
Release Date: July 25, 2017

Lost & Alone invites you to explore a breathtaking vast and open world in this epic & dramatic Point & Click Adventure Game.

Classic Point & Click Adventure Escape game with breathtaking HDR scenery, intriguing puzzles, and a mysterious storyline that will captivate you from the beginning…

Embark on the Adventure of a lifetime in the vast, and open land of Lost & Alone. Collect items and artifacts on your quest of discovery & solve riddles and bewildering puzzles along the way…

Find notes & clues, and put the pieces together while exploring a massive world with over 100 scenes of beautifully photographed imagery.

One of the biggest Point & Click Adventure games with a vast and open world to explore will leave you stunned and amazed!

Get ready to be blown away by yet, another twist ending… the storyline is captivating, the scenery breathtaking and the puzzles are unique and intriguing!
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