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Genre: Entertainment
Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 7, 2016

Live Overlay is a tool for helping make decisions, art, or even decisions about art! View text or images in front of a live camera view. *App does not take photos or video*

Use it for:
• Deciding what size/style of art to put on something
• Seeing how a piece of furniture would look in a room
• Mimicking custom makeup
• Picking locations and sizes for Tattoos
• Seeing how a picture would look on a wall
• Face painting
• Deciding where your signature pose would look best in a photo you plan to take
• Figuring out where to put a decal on your car
• Choosing the location for a house at the property where you want to build
• Finding raw materials that have a similar shape to what you are looking to make

Live Overlay requires access to the camera to display a live feed from the front or rear camera. It requires access to your photos in order to import images to show as overlays.

Some tips for best results:
• Use transparent PNGs so the object you want to preview is all that appears in front of the view
• Plug the device into a charger if you plan on using the app for more than a few minutes

For more accuracy when creating art, doing makeup, etc:
• Use a case, tripod, or similar rigging to maintain positioning and allow you to work with both hands
• Lock the focus (bottom middle button) so the camera doesn't refocus on your hand or the tools you are using

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