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Daisuke Morimoto - LingalaFrench artwork LingalaFrench
Daisuke Morimoto
Genre: Education
Price: $8.99
Release Date: June 26, 2016

Our application is a basic audio phrase-book of a local African dialect. You will be able to listen to over 200 phrases. We also provide you with French translations for reference.

We have designed this application for Africans living in Africa and received the support of native speakers to record all dialects.

Therefore, this application is more practical for conversation in Africa.  In some cases, in consultation with native speakers, we have omitted short phrases or words in the original dialects and replaced them with English or French, as the original words and phrases are seldom used nowadays.

We had discussions with native speakers about the best way to translate and record the phrases and words in this application.  There are some phrases that do not exist in certain dialects and so it was decided, in consultation with the native speakers, to record similar phrases close in significance.

We do not provide the phonetic spelling or written version of these dialects, since it would be impossible to represent the variety and uniqueness of sounds.

We hope this application will be useful for all users.
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