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Properly crafted Limoncello is an exceptional after-dinner digestif that will cleanse your palate, refresh your taste buds, and lubricate after-dinner conversation. If you have a large glass jar with a lid, you can make Limoncello (or similar aperitif/digestif) at home.

Numerous recipes are available on-line, but the end result varies considerably, especially the alcohol content (proof) of the final mix. On the internet, the final mix ranges from 55 to 128 proof, but the recipes do not report or address proof. Use the Limoncello Calculator to figure a recipe's proof.

Ideally, Limoncello should be served at a sub-freezing temperature with a mild viscosity. Remaining liquid and the degree of viscosity at sub-freezing temperatures depend on the proof of the final mix. The thickness and proportion of simple syrup also influences the degree of viscosity.

The Limoncello Calculator allows the crafter to accurately select the proof of the final mix and adjust any parameter. Guesswork is eliminated. Produce a gourmet Limoncello at home that will shine at sub-freezing temperatures with the Limoncello Calculator.

The Limoncello Calculator is designed for the iPhone (5 and later), but it will also run on the iPad Retina and later. iOS 8 or later is required.
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