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TeleQuery.Net, Inc. - Life Matters (TM) App artwork Life Matters (TM) App
TeleQuery.Net, Inc.
Genre: Business
Price: $1.99
Release Date: January 4, 2018

LIFE MATTERS (TM) is a truth-gathering app that will help you record, encrypt, hide, and playback audio when you anticipate your involvement in sticky situations, like a traffic stop, a questionable business transaction, or any number of other scenarios where you feel that having an actual recording of the incident may help you.

LIFE MATTERS records the sound without raising any suspicion. All you need is a button push to start and stop recording. Done. You now have the truth! The recording is encrypted using the highest-level encryption on your machine, so no one other than you, or someone you choose, can retrieve and play it back. LIFE MATTERS can be used to capture personal encounters and potential harassment situations.

Before using this app, the user should understand the recording statutes of his or her jurisdiction. As such, TeleQuery.Net, Inc. (TeleQuery) does not make any claims regarding the legality of this app, nor does TeleQuery condone any illegal use of this app.

LIFE MATTERS, when truth matters.
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