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Andrew Richards - LEAIP Sticky's artwork LEAIP Sticky’s
Andrew Richards
Genre: Business
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Release Date: January 28, 2017

Sticky's are squares of electronic paper for collecting and organizing ideas, things, processes, people…

You can change their colour, write on them, move them around, put them in groups and store further detailed information.

Sticky's are used in hundreds of ways. Users have found Sticky's great for seating plans, weddings, events, planning layouts for rooms & equipment, planning plantings, lesson plans, social movements, brainstorming ideas, arranging things into categories, process mapping, prioritizing, keeping track of tasks, managing projects, vacation planning… And these are just a few of the highly practical ways Sticky's are used…

…Its also kind of cute that kids also (little and not so little :-)> ) can't seem to help using Sticky's to make their own pictures and games. If you want to have some zen fun you might want to try out making some Sticky's masterpieces too!…

…in short, to get stuff done, or for fun, Sticky's can be used in anyway you can imagine!
© © 2017 Andrew Richards

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