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Jeremy Smith - Lanterna - The Exile (IBbasic) artwork Lanterna – The Exile (IBbasic)
Jeremy Smith
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: October 18, 2018

Lanterna – The Exile (an IceBlink Engine RPG)

Story and Turn-based role playing game (RPG) implementing a classic old-school computer RPG style.

Story, music and most artwork by slowdive_fan and Bree Arts.
IceBlink Basic (IBbasic) Engine by slowdive_fan (aka me)

– designed for phones and tablets.
– low price, NO ads and NO in-app purchase stuff.
– tactical, party and turn-based combat.
– great RPG story telling, branching conversation system.
– single player RPG (you control all party members) game.
– multiple companions can join your party.
– talk with companions (see help button on character sheet screen) to learn more about them and the world of Lanterna.
– lots of replayability (is that a word?).
– many races, classes, spells, traits to choose from.
– multiple saves available (save often).
– lots of items to find and wield.

Lanterna – The Exile
Module Description:
"Almost 272 years have passed since Elos led your people to this new world of Charn. Peace and growth reigned for many years, until recently. You have been taking care of your younger sister ever since your parents disappeared. You work at the docks, helping load and unload ships. The day seemed to be going fine until you were interrupted by Andy with a message from Dalin, the Chief Judge. Your sister has been abducted.
Your main quest is to find your sister and free her."

Lanterna – The Exile was originally Created by slowdive_fan (me) for NWN1, NWN2, and then for the IceBlink Basic Engine (IBbasic). The IceBlink Basic Engine and Toolset are inspired by some of my favorite cRPGs (many being old school retro style RPGs) that allowed us normal people to build adventures using adventure construction sets, unlimited adventure editors, or toolsets.

visit our website and forums for links and more info on the engine and toolset:

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