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Joe Laurin - Lake of the Woods artwork Lake of the Woods
Joe Laurin
Genre: Education
Price: $19.99
Release Date: July 5, 2018

For some $19.99 may seem like a lot, but if you know all the time and fuel I have spent over 20 years exploring Lake of the Woods you will find this decision will be totally worth it. I like exploring over fishing, but I find time to balance the two. Many times people ask me to show them the Lake, but often times we pick a day and find 30mph winds or bad weather. Now you can be your own explorer. This first release are my favorite spots. There are over 110 locations. Please support this app so I can give you more locations at a later update. This app provides adventure for all visitors to Lake of the Woods. Some want unique hot fishing spots, others want to see some history. This app will show you locations of fishing spots, waterfalls, rope swings, pictographs, petroglyphs, mooring and wave buoys, POW camps, restaurants, canoe portages, boating portages, hiking trails and historical spots. Once you have the GPS coordinates use a trustworthy navigation software to get you to your destination. I would like to have an annual update, so if you have spots on the lake you would like me to check out let us know. You may not make copies of this product. Information you disclose for future app enhancements you make voluntarily.

Disclaimer: Traveling on Lake of the Woods can be hazardous, this map does not show lake hazards, such as rocks and reefs. Use a trustworthy navigation app as you travel throughout the lake. You assume all responsibility and risk for use of this software. Some waypoints may be on private land. LOTW is not obligated to support, superseded or discontinued versions of Products or to upgrade Products for use on new releases on your device. This product is licensed “As Is” without implied warranties.
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