Kittens Vs Werewolves – Nugo Ltd

Nugo Ltd - Kittens Vs Werewolves artwork Kittens Vs Werewolves
Nugo Ltd
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: August 9, 2014

The time is now. A foolish world fails to learn the lessons of history. Thinks the danger is passed. The alien mutant army has somehow been defeated in a world far away. General werewolf brings his new mutant army from the parallel universe. Unprepared the world's defences again fall before the mutant army. Again only a group of ten kittens dare challenge the alien monsters to a battle on their homeworld titan ! ! !

The kittens again seek the help of a gunslinging tank gun wielding hero wyatt tiger. This time the kittens offer to help wyatt fight the monsters. Curio says " i have learnt karate." sapphire says " i have learnt judo". Dixie says " i will scratch the aliens". Wyatt says to the kittens, " thank you. You can help by standing behind me while i blast the aliens with my 120mm tank gun."
© © 2014 Kevin Graham

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