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Ki Hong Kim - Kitchen Angel - Salad & Soup Recipe Collection artwork Kitchen Angel – Salad & Soup Recipe Collection
Ki Hong Kim
Genre: Food & Drink
Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 9, 2015

20 premium salad and soup recipes with recipe organiser.

1. Record, collect, and share your favorite recipes, foods, or anything else.

– Eye-catching dishes encountered on your holiday trips.
– Memorable dining at a restaurant or at your home.
– Elaborate food made to share with your friends or family.
– Upload to SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Weibo, etc.)

2. This app includes 20 easy and premium recipes. Each recipe has step by step images and Leigh's Kitchen's secret know-hows. Simply follow the directions to make healthy, delicious, beautiful, and high quality dishes.

– Tomato Clam Soup
– Wild Arugula Shrimp Salad
– Orange Pumpkin Soup
– Farfalle Salad
– Tuna Corn Chowder
– Fig Salad
– Zucchini Egg Soup
– Prosciutto Melon Salad
– Clam Chowder Soup
– Scallop Salad
– Veggie Mild Soup
– Ricotta Cheese Salad
– Mushroom Truffle Soup
– Avocado Grapefruit Salad
– Asparagus Soup
– Melon Salad
– Cauliflower Apple Soup
– Genmai Salad
– Carrot Soup
– Bread Salad

3. Food not only enriches our dining experiences, but also provides ample topics to talk about. Sitting across a table with food in between creates new relationships and improves the quality of life, thus makes us lively. Making, eating, and sharing food also give joy to our social lives. Food, taking a part of our lives and cultures, not only takes care of our health and quality of life, but also serves as a door to the world.

***** FEATURES *****

Home screen – Randomly selected Leigh's Kitchen food image is diplayed with short description about the food. Image and description are changed every 20 seconds. If the food description is longer than the available display space, scroll the text up/down to see the rest of the description.

√ Swipe left or right to navigate between pages of content.
√ Page number is shown between image and description.

My Memories Screen – You can record and collect recipes and dining experiences in this screen. Kitchen Angel helps you to record and share memorable cuisines, from home-made meals to exotic dishes from restaurants. Capture a moment of your life with great foods to remember the day's atmosphere.

√ Take photo
√ Add pictures from gallery
√ Keep screen on
√ Share your recipe
√ Remove pictures from the recipe
√ Erase content

Leigh's Kitchen Screen – This app also has Leigh’s Kitchen's delicious, easy, and healthy food recipes that show step by step photos and directions. Simply follow the directions to make delicious and beautiful high quality dishes. Leigh’s Kitchen recipes and know-hows will provide you with the recipe’s ingredients, detailed cooking procedures, and step by step images. Everybody can follow the directions easily. You can also use various features including timer.

√ Start/stop timer
√ Set timer / remaining time
√ Pause/resume timer
√ Keep screen on

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