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Philippe Pinceau - Kids love tracing pace game-number sense 1 to 10 artwork Kids love tracing pace game-number sense 1 to 10
Philippe Pinceau
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Release Date: February 15, 2017

Hello dear Parents, Teachers, Kids,
Here is a new simple game for our boys and our girls ! Indeed it
introduces and then reinforces number sense : kids trace numbers in rythm. Cartoon Timer clock gives the tempo. It's up to the kids to follow to trace in rythm. Music boxes help kids to stay calm during tracing activity too.
This funny quick math game, basic skills app, is a good resource tpt, to improve :
number recognition

Relax and enjoy this FUNNY teacher kit game, at home, in kindergarten, any appropriate place to play and learn.

What our kids discover in their new math game ?

Part 1 Tracing Academy :
Learn how to trace numbers from 1 to 10.
Magic finger tutorial guides our young learners how to write carefully.
Little ones need time to write down numbers. So take your time little one !
After few minutes they trace naturally numbers.
Have fun young scribe kids.

Part 2 Challenging Tracing :
Kids are familiar with tracing numbers part 1: children are ready now to trace shapes of numbers, challenging way !
Indeed naughty animals walk all along the numbers shapes, trying to eating tasty fruits.
May our kids will stay focus on the first tracing mission ?

Part 3 Collecting Toys :
Leo and Lea need some toys to play,
Our young players, learners, are always ready to help right ?
Let them drag and drop toys in Leo’s or Lea’s caddie. And then kids
valid their answer pressing emoji button.
Hope it’s the right number – quantity ! ?

Features :

Body Smart is improving when kids coordinate hand eye mind to trace each colorful number.

Number smart is developing when young learners recognize numbers shapes and when they repeat numbers’ names.

Stay focus : kids stay focus on main tracing mission.
They learn multitask too : indeed how to deal with naughty animals eating tasty fruits trying disturbing kids tracing. How to pick up tasty fruits on time, before its has been eaten by animals.

Word smart is improving when kids say and repeat toys’ names they have just dragged and dropped in Leo’s and Lea’s caddie.

My Famous soft Ltd is pleased to offer you, Kids, Parents, Teachers this playing endless numbers game, developing cognitive skills memory, hand eye coordination.
Enjoy KIds love tracing pace game – number sense 1 to 10 : it develops math, body skills of our kids. Thanks again for your messages and testimonio about kids math passion increasing.
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