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Bradley Arnott
Genre: Food & Drink
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Release Date: May 1, 2018

Keyword cook provides you with a kick ass solution to all of your cooking problems, you can easily search and combine multiple ingredients to see what recipes you can cook with. Do you only have Bananas, Potatoes and Celery to hand? I'm sure we can find something tasty for you to cook.

Not only can you empty the cupboards and fridge at long last, but you can also prepare for your next food shop by adding ingredients to your shopping list with a single click, from the 1,000,000 + recipes that we have to offer.

All dietary options are catered for in our category search with vegan, dairy free and vegetarian options at the top of our list! There is also some awesome themes recipes for Halloween, Christmas and 4th of July. Have I also only mention dinner? We also have great cocktails, breads and those naughty puddings for you get messy with!

Staying away or new to an area? When viewing each recipe you will find out where you nearest supermarkets are by using your location. This gives you all the ease of use to know if you do need to run out and grab a few more ingredients to complete your meal.

Here at Keyword Cook, we want you to be able to become head chef, baker or host within your own home, download our app today and be awesome.

* Search by ingredient, find a recipe with any combination.
* Great categories to chose from! Under 30 minutes, Thai and Gluten Free.
* Perfect for Vegans.
* Detailed recipes.
* Add ingredients to your personal shopping list.
* Social Sharing.
* Find your nearest supermarket.
* Accurate cooking times.
* Save recipes to your profile for later.

Please note:
* This app requires an internet connection
* This app is not ready to be used on an iPad

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