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Kranky Robot - Kerplinkus artwork Kerplinkus
Kranky Robot
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 11, 2010

“[Kerplinkus] delivers a fresh take on the formula that's simple and highly challenging — in fact, it can be downright panic inspiring. It's a pretty frantic affair.” -Blake of Touch Arcade

“Kerplinkus promises retro take on match-based puzzle play… mixing the old with the new… [in] a distinctly old skool flavour.” -Keith Andrews of Pocket Gamer

“Is very, very addictive. Prying yourself away from the game proves very difficult. It has high replay potential and will offer many hours of entertainment…. This is a must-buy for casual puzzle game players.” -Linda Ta of AppSafari

“If you love playing casual puzzle games on your iPhone or iPod touch such as Bejewelled or Trism then [this] is definitely worth taking a look at…. If games like Pac Man, Space Invaders and Tetris still have a place in your heart then Kerplinkus could definitely find its way on to your homescreen.” -Phil Wheeler of AppAdvice

“This tile-matching game sets itself well apart from competing products, due to its hectic gameplay, muted art style, and classic SID-chip soundtrack…. It is actually very different from the normal mode of thinking…. A really nice effort by the crew at [Kranky Robot].”

Kerplinkus is a completely new take on the casual puzzle game. It's like spinning plates. You must focus on ALL 8 columns or 1 will grow out-of-control. No match 3. No movement restrictions. No special-blocks. Swap ANY 2 blocks anywhere, anytime. Just focus on removing blocks, not creating them.

– Retro Audio: Old school music and sound effects.
– Retro Graphics: Color cycling and simple graphics to achieve that retro vibe.
– iPod Music: Play your own music in the background.
– Mute Audio: Kerplinkus(tm) respects the iPhone’s ring/silent switch.
– Volume Control: Conveniently adjust the volume from the option menu or the pause screen.
– Game Center.

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