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Tayga Games OOO - Jurassic Dino Spinosaurus Simulator 3D Full artwork Jurassic Dino Spinosaurus Simulator 3D Full
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Genre: Games
Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 19, 2017

Feel like a famous aggressive dino – Spinosaurus! Run fast through the forest, chase and feed on herbivores, fight against other predators, raise up nestlings and have fun with Jurassic Dino Spinosaurus Simulator 3D!
Ever dreamed to live a life of a prehistoric monster – dinosaur? Now you have a chance to do this! Be the famous carnivore dino from movies – not Deinonychus or Velociraptor, but Spinosaurus itself! Attack powerful dinos instead of being attacked! Kill or be killed! Be ready for a fight against Tyrannosaurus, Carnotaurus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops – Jurassic jungles are so dangerous to place to live!
Play as the ever-hungry reptile looking to hunt your prey like Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, or Ankylosaurus! Use your stealth to stalk your victim, strike at the right time and kill it with your powerful jaws!
Roam across hills, plains, and forests like a real beast! Mind your hunger and a health indicator – if one of them drops, your chances to survive here would fell too! Hunt and kill – you can feed on any corpse, be it herbivore, carnivore or same dino predator as you! This ultimate dinosaur simulator would give you an opportunity to live the whole life of single animal – from the small weak and helpless whelp through mature beast to the ghost of the old Spinosaurus!
Upgrade your Spinosaurus’s skills to protect your pack! It’s your chance to raise up a flock of little carnivore dinos and start your own pack to prevent the extinction of your kind and become the dominant species on the Earth! Maybe your breed even would build skyscrapers and colonize the Moon – who knows?
Choose gender, name, and color and have fun to play Jurassic Dino Spinosaurus Simulator 3D – great game for those who loves animal simulators! Meet with other dinosaurs – herbivores and carnivores alike – and have fun starting your own wild adventure!
Jurassic Dino Spinosaurus Simulator 3D features:
Ultimate dino predator simulator
Picturesque views of prehistoric landscapes
Ability to mate and raise nestlings
Full customization of your dino– make the perfect beast
Intuitive and simple controls
Amazing 3D graphics
Play Jurassic Dino Spinosaurus Simulator 3D and be an amazing carnivore dino living at wilderness and trying to create its own family! Meet and mate with other dinos of your kind, find food for them and fight against other wild predators walking around!

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