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Rick Pasco - Jeembo Tveth Retro Runners artwork Jeembo Tveth Retro Runners
Rick Pasco
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 11, 2018

Jeembo Tveth Retro Runners is a unique landscape running game set across 3 worlds with over 40 Levels for you to start. Haters are attempting to prevent you from enjoying & living life and get gains, avoid them and their most destructible tool today"the keyboard. Help characters Jeembo & Tveth stop the enemy haters today by successfully completing & defeating each level..Careful boss levels can be tricky
How to play: Simply use the left and right arrows to move your character and hit the up arrow to jump, slide on & bounce off of walls, avoid all the obstacles & find the exit to continue to the next level. Can you master this game with speed ? Collect each level collectable ? & complete a 3 high rating for each level? Enjoy & Thanks for playing independent gaming!

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