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ALK Ventures, LLC
Genre: Education
Release Date: January 3, 2018

Is your little one an aspiring chef? Download Issa’s Edible Adventures today and explore the excitement of a working restaurant kitchen while learning about foods from around the world! Created by world renowned Chef, Mom, and TV star Aliya LeeKong!

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“It’s like Carmen Sandiego meets Cooking Mama” –

Want to be a culinary adventurer? Help Issa track down unique ingredients from all over the world to create amazing recipes all while learning about different locations and cultures. Bring them back to the working 3D restaurant kitchen and practice the actual cooking steps to make your meal!
Feeling inspired? Each adventure in the cooking game comes with a working recipe that you can print out and cook with your child at home!

App Features
Find out how a restaurant kitchen works and dive into new and exciting ingredients!
Travel across the map and explore each location to discover the language, culture, customs and food!
Get familiar with how a real recipe works and learn about authentic dishes from around the world!
Read along with highlighted captions for beginning readers
No time limits or scoring – just educational fun!
Safe for kids! No third-party ads!

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