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Miki Cai - IQme 2 : Circle Connect artwork IQme 2 : Circle Connect
Miki Cai
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 4, 2017

IQme 2 is a minimalistic, elegant puzzle game in which you have to connect all the red semi-circles on the screen by tapping the larger circle objects. The circles rotate 90 degrees to connect. Levels start simple and gradually ramp-up to be more complex with more circles added.

• Play forever with INFINITE LEVELS. Each level is completely random, no two are alike, and levels are endless.
• Elegant, calm, simple design with 4 beautiful piano sonata tracks to listen to while you play.
• Pure, simple, 1 click gameplay. Just tap the circles to rotate them and connect all the red parts.
• Super easy to pick-up and play.
• A great way to train your brain and think logically for the solution.
• No wifi needed to play.

IQme 2 has UNLIMITED LEVELS. Each level is randomly generated when you begin and no 2 levels are alike. You can play forever and flex your brain in this relaxing simplistic setting.
You can also challenge yourself by going for the 'Perfect Level' achievement by completing levels within the set number of moves shown at the top of the screen.

With calm piano sonata music and literally unlimited game time, you'll be content to sit for hours and train your brain.

Download IQme 2 now, put on those headphones, and relax.

– IQme 2 has been designed from the ground up with the goal of improving the players logical, critical thinking. The 'Perfect Level' achievement is a higher goal which more advanced players can aim for.
– IQme 2 is the sequel to IQme 1. These are a set of IQ mind games with more games now in development.
– Built using Unity 3D version 5.5 and tested on iPhone 5S and Android phones.

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