Insectizide Wars VR – Okinaki

Okinaki - Insectizide Wars VR artwork Insectizide Wars VR
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: September 8, 2015

IMPORTANT: Virtual reality videogame. Use of VR glasses required to enjoy the experience completely. Insectizide wars has a non VR version available too.

A huge unidentified flying object has been spotted approaching the solar system. His established course heading towards the Earth. Initially, the planet prepared itself to redirect it to avoid the impact. After studying the path it followed, they realized it wasn't a natural object but a manufactured one. Peace messages were sent aiming to establish a friendly relationship between civilizations. They never replied back…

Insectizide Wars will take you to an exciting spaceship battle to save planet Earth from extraterrestrial Insectizide enemy waves. Live in first person a new control mechanism and game mode never seen before.
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