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Ghanshaam Sewnath - Infinite West - Puzzle Chess artwork Infinite West – Puzzle Chess
Ghanshaam Sewnath
Genre: Games
Release Date: January 21, 2018

Launch discount: 40% off full game purchase. This promotion will last until February 16. Buy it NOW!

Try the game out for free until level 7. A one-time in-app purchase unlocks the full game.

AppSpy: "Clint Eastwood and others made being a gunslinger look easy in dozens of westerns, but surviving the ever-increasing onslaughts of Infinite West is anything but."

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Driven by the brutal murder of both wife and child by a savage gang, a former gunslinger unleashes frontier justice in the Wild West.

Infinite West is a challenging, strategic puzzle game that is inspired by classic board games, such as Chess.

You will strategically navigate small 7×7 grids to avoid attacks, take out enemies, and gather resources. Every move counts if you want to survive. You will need to think carefully before you act.

Infinite West features:

• More playable levels than atoms in our universe
• Stunning graphics and immersive sounds
• Play your way: swipe-to-move and tap controls
• Powerful upgrades making you even more dangerous
• Challenging achievements that will test your strategic skills
• Online leaderboards to compete with your friends and the world
• New outfits for the Gunslinger to unlock
• Procedurally generated levels making every game a new experience

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