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Weiseng Qian - Idle Ore King Tap artwork Idle Ore King Tap
Weiseng Qian
Genre: Games
Release Date: August 30, 2018

You own the huge mine and you want to be the industrial tycoon in the business epmire, you need to try your best to manage the mine and make much profits.
In this game, you need to control those miners or hire some managers to help you. Also, you can dismiss them. With the upgrades, you can earn more and more cash. Remember, only the best mining strategy can help you to be wealthy in the shortest time. When you reach a high level and become rich enough, some other mystery mainlands can be unlocked.

– You can upgrade your mineral resource. With a high level, your workflow can be luxurious decorated.
– Automate workflow helps to increase the profits with automate mine controling at the same time.
– Customized upgrades with special effect help to increase the income in a short time.
– Miner's motivation can be strengthen by the hiring managers
– Tips! Upgrade your transportion tools like elevator, drone and so on, the returns on investment will be greatly improved.
– Several kinds of mineral resources help to get rid of the tranditional mining mode.
– Offline earnings. Without wifi, earnings can be automatic collected as well.

Super mineral tycoon, are you ready for it?
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