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Iryna Kanivets
Genre: Finance
Price: $5.99
Release Date: July 27, 2018

Keep track of all current, upcoming and finished ICO!

During the period of ICO you can get extra bonuses and even investing small amount of money can give you a good profit in the future.

ICO or Initial Coin Offering, it’s like IPO, but it’s used by cryptocurrencies startups, companies to raise money. Instead of stocks or shares, early investors will receive tokens. Usually, companies propose huge discount during ICO presale for buying tokens.

Initial coin offering (ICO) is means of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency, which can be a source of capital for startup companies In an ICO, a percentage of the newly issued cryptocurrency is sold to investors in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Early token sales were held by Mastercoin in July 2013 and Ethereum and Karmacoin in 2014, but "mainstream" ICOs began with messaging app developer Kik in September 2017. By November 2017 there were around 50 offerings a month.

ICO became super popular in 2017, almost 450 ICOs were made that year.

In our app you can find information about such ICOs as Mass Vehicle Ledger, GraphGrail AI, SMOKE, BunnyToken, Modern Finance Chain, MobileBridge, DataBroker DAO, MetaMorph Pro, Coinadvisor, TransCrypt, Verv (VLUX), Xsolus, DateCoin, Adblurb, Zuflo.IO, Iryo, TrustedCars Flex, GoChain, Coins4Favors, DIW Token, Birdchain, Global REIT, Jointedu, BITRUST, Globatalent, BitProperty, LikeCoin, Mandala, STeX Exchange, Cool Cousin, Successlife, ArticleX, FCFL, Virtonomics, Transcodium, Gamblica, BitMinutes, EOS, Safinus, Etheera, Cultural Places, StasyQ, TopiaCoin, MoneyToken, Treon, Hybrid Betting, CoinOil, XSEARCH, Smart Trip Platform, White Rabbit, Multiversum, GIFcoin, CRYDE, Airchain Network, CryptoFlix, BINKD, BHOM, BIORITMAI, Ligercoin, Befund, Plentix, Cryptectum, Kora Network, Earthmedz, ZICHAIN, Deedcoin, WeevoCity, Coin Mine Australia, Typerium, Savage Token, B21, EO.Trade, dona, Playtness, Essentia, Triwer, EQUI, RoBET, Konios, TruePlay, All-Stocks Network, INGOT Coin, RealCasino, Paygine, TRIPBIT, Bidipass, Verasity, Delphi Technologies Token., Nihilum, Ubcoin Market, VERNAM, Viva, Luckchemy, GANA, IAC AutoUnit, Valorem Foundation, Darico, Multiven MOM, Ubex, Lantah, Techrod, Provoco, ImmVRse, Yumerium, TV-TWO, Invest in Brokers, Acorn Collective, Kasko2go, Lotus Core, PAYERA, One+1, Bithemoth, Curaizon, Datareum, MyDFS, COTI, Odyfund, FTEC, Bounty Angels, PR Network, IAME Identity, Giza Device, Augur, Lisk, Digix DAO, Waves, NEO, Stratis, Tao Network, Incent, BlockPay, FirstBlood, Iconomi, Lykke, Synereo, SingularDTV, Beyond The Void, Decent, Golem, Ark, vDice.io, Komodo, Golos, CreativeCoin, Wings, Tokes, ChronoBank, Qtum, Edgeless, iEx.ec, EncryptoTel, Gnosis, MobileGo, Humaniq, Lunyr, TaaS, BlockPool, TokenCard, EcoBit, BOScoin, Blockchain Capital, ZrCoin, Aeternity, Ethbits, Peerplays, Aragon, Monaco, Storj, Crypviser, Quantum RL , CryptoPing, Adelphoi, Veritaseum, Mysterium, Exscudo, Patientory, Basic Attention Token, Wagerr, NVO, Sphre, Dcorp, GigaWatt, Voise, Bancor, Fund Yourself Now, Minexcoin, Compcoin, SONM, Status, 21 Million, Beth, OneGram, Civic, Internet of Coins, Populous, Primalbase, AdToken, Omise GO, MyBit, Bitquence, Santiment, Cofound.it, Metal, InsureX, Dent, Tezos, TenX, district0x, Stox, Starta, CryptoABS, Suretly, Hive, CoinJob, 0x, CoinDash, Decentraland, Rivet, Obsidian, Corion Platform, iMPERIUM, AICoin, RasputinOnline Coin, Bowhead, ATB Coin, Monetha, Benjacoin, and much more!

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