Hypotenuse – James Gilmartin

James Gilmartin - Hypotenuse artwork Hypotenuse
James Gilmartin
Genre: Games
Price: $4.99
Release Date: March 31, 2018

Discover the relaxing and meditative art of geometry with Hypotenuse and experience the mysterious mathematical language of the universe. With the same simple rules of compass and straightedge, you can now explore the geometric patterns found in nature and in our built environment using Augmented Reality and/or images from your Photo Library. Learn how to construct polygons from just circles and lines; from the triangle to the twelve-sided dodecagon. Geometry is everywhere! Hypotenuse helps you find it.


Intuitive and graceful touch drawing controls (no tools, no distractions)
Polygon construction demonstrations
Augmented Reality drawing
Photo Library And Camera drawing
iCloud synced scoring
Game Center achievements and leader boards
ReplayKit screen recording

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