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Adahid Galan
Genre: Education
Release Date: August 8, 2018

The app is aimed for you, the student of the UPRM Campus, to help you on your day to day student life by providing utilities of convenience.

Some of these features are:

-Keep track of important moments
-Set Alerts so you can receive notifications before these are due
-Add and keep track of Tasks that need to be completed

My Classes
-Keep track of the classes that you’ve taken with the grades you got
-See your calculated GPA easily and effortlessly
-Organized your classes by the Year and Semester taken so you know exactly when you took them

-Add the classes you’re currently taking
-Keep track of the grades you’re getting for that class and see an estimate of your current grade as the semester progresses
-See your schedule visualized so you can easily see when and where your next class is

Professor Grading
Grade the professor you’ve taken classes with, depending on how much work they give, personality, difficulty, and if you would take another class with them
Add a comment to let others know your experience with this professor

Plus many more to come in the future!
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