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Eddy Wong
Genre: Entertainment
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Release Date: December 8, 2011

The purpose of Feng Shui is to change the negative magnetic field of the environment to become positive, called it "Boost Chi". A well designed house according to that year of Feng Shui, it can make a harmonious family.

If you want to make your family thriving and prosperous, you need to find out where is the fierce spot and try to avoid and turn it to be good. Doing so you need to use Feng Shui tools like Feng Shui Compass.

This application provides you:
1. Chinese Feng Shui Compass
Professional one
2. Nine Square Feng Shui Location
3. Bagua Compass

In additional to this, it provides taking picture function for you to take a snapshot of your house layout. You can apply the Nine Square Feng Shui Location on it, it will automatically point to North and you match to your main door. You can easily find out the best spot and worst spot in your house in the year of Dragon.
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