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Raghunath Ramidi - Home Budget Manager Paid artwork Home Budget Manager Paid
Raghunath Ramidi
Genre: Finance
Price: $0.99
Release Date: June 14, 2014

Home Budget Manager is an integration of Accounts , Bills and Budget. Home Budget Manager help you to track your expenses, incomes, bills and always stay with-in budget. Menu Screen designed in way to do your things in most easy way and as quick as possible.

Key features:
–Sync Incomes and Expenses between Devices.
–See All Account’s total balance or individual accounts balance or selected accounts balance.
— Check all Transactions made from particular Account.
— Setup repeating Incomes, Expenses, Account transfer and Bills.
— Unlimited Accounts.
— Dropbox integration.
— Bills Reminder.
— Portrait and Landscape Orientation
— Multiple accounts and make transfers between the Accounts.
— No registration!!
— Add and edit Categories with images.
— Password Protection.
— See All Incomes and Expenses in Monthwise.
— Easy access.
— The overview of your expenses, income and upcoming bills .
— Statistics of expenses and incomes between dates.
— Set budget for categories and always stay within budget.
— See Statistics of Custom Selected Multiple Accounts.
— Visualise the statistics graph and see where your money has gone by categorising all incomes and expenses, Payees, Monthly Income, Monthly Expense, Budget vs Expense, Income vs Expense, Income vs Expense vs Budget
— Add further categories to get a better overview of your expenses.
— Unlimited records
— Export & Import .csv.
— Create backup so you never lose your data.

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