Greek Alphabet Flash Cards – Christian Liang

Christian Liang - Greek Alphabet Flash Cards artwork Greek Alphabet Flash Cards
Christian Liang
Genre: Education
Price: $0.99
Release Date: June 5, 2013

This app is for those who are interested in learning Greek alphabet and pronunciation. The front side of the card displays a Greek alphabet. The back of the card displays the pronunciation and a mnemonic clue. Ideal for beginners who wants to learn Greek in an easy way.

Other Features
– Alphabetical Mode. Display cards in order
– Shuffle Mode. Display shuffled cards
– Upper and Lower Case
– Quiz Mode to test yourself and track your progress
– Customize the range of alphabets being displayed (1 to 48 alphabets)
– Auto play, hands off mode.
– Audio reference provided for each alphabet.

The practical design of these cards makes them easy to use. A couple of cards a day will further develop your Greek reading skills. Try this app today! This is a stand alone app without the need of the internet.
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