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Juan Carlos Claridad - Going Home - A Pixelated Survival Horror Game artwork Going Home – A Pixelated Survival Horror Game
Juan Carlos Claridad
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: July 27, 2017

Going Home – A Pixel Horror Game is an indie horror game that focuses on the deep and dark mysteries with incredible atmospheric sound track and pixel art graphics that matches the tone and dreadfulness of the narrative.

This is the story of a young man who must solve puzzles in order to find his missing family and to solve what haunts them in the house.

Everything, while slowly remembering his own dark past, must be aware of the fear that lurks around the shadows.


* Horror game that doesn't rely on jumpscares
* Beautiful soundtracks
* Difficult puzzles
* Pixel art graphics
* Psychological deep and dark story
* Includes the Music Gallery. Enjoy the amazing soundtracks!


Going Home was originally developed for the desktop platforms like Windows, MacOSX, and Linux. The main difference between the desktop and mobile platforms such as the lighting. In the desktop versions, players navigate using a flashlight controlled by mouse, but that concept is not good for touchscreen devices, so I changed it to a lamp light.


This game is made with love (pun intended), LOVE2D Framework.
All assets and soundtracks are self-made.
Some sound clips are from the wonderful folks at freesound.org, thank you for providing cool audio for free.
Some libraries are also used, credits to them.

Having Troubles Finishing The Game?
Here's a in-depth guide on how to: http://gamejolt.com/games/goinghome/237280/devlog/definite-guide-in-finishing-the-game-w9n5ikmy

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