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Release Date: February 1, 2017

Gin Rummy ⋆ Classic Card Game (also known as Gin Rummy For Free) is one of the most popular Gin Card Games ever. Now you can play with a really smart opponent that will auto-adjust to your skills. The challenge is always there! Collect melds and runs, get one card, discard another and beat the opponent in order to win. Big Gin or just Gin? It is up to you.
Simply the best and most popular FREE Rummy Card Game ever.

Simple and quick to play, this universal app is made for the best experience on either the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Get ready to join this exclusive Gin Game for a smooth gameplay.

– Most Intuitive game out there!
– Exclusive Special Themes for Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day
– Auto-sort when game finishes
– Gorgeous animations
– Sound on/off
– Auto-save on exit or interruption and resume when back
– Crisp clear easy to read cards
– Bot auto adjusts to your skills (easy, medium, hard levels)
– Drag and drop
– 27 custom backgrounds and more to come
– More than 50 custom card backs (Beautiful landscapes, animals, real and cartoony designs for YOU only)
– 4 custom card fronts
– Statistics
– Winning Score
– Achievements
– 100% Free Gin Rummy !
– Efficient, Fast, user-friendly game interface for smooth gameplay experience
– Casual, free, cards game for you to enjoy!
– Train your Brain and improve your Strategic Skills
– Easy, Medium, Hard Levels Auto adjust depending on your skills

Create your own Gin world anytime, anywhere!
Exclusively designed for YOU to match any taste, this Gin Rummy Free Card Game includes 27 beautifully designed backgrounds, more than 50 exclusive card backs (landscapes, animals, cartoony and real designs) and 4 simple yet stunning card fronts to give you the most customized experience. Make this Gin your Jin and choose your favorite design.

Bored at home or the subway?
Escape from your boredom, relax, and start playing this amazing Gin Rummy FREE Game. Sharpen your mind, refresh and relax yourself away from stress. Give yourself the BEST Classic Gin Rummy experience.

Are you a Master Gin Rummy Player or not yet?
Are you smart enough to beat your opponent? The bot knows how to play very well. DO you feel it is the right time to KNOCK or go for GIN? Try to get low value Deadwood cards such as Aces or even none to make a GIN. Play it and Train your Brain.
Are you a NEW Gin Rummy player? Your goal is to form a hand combining cards into sets of same of a kind or allowed sequences of the same suit while reducing the sum of the remaining cards to 10 points or less in order to knock or form a legal GIN. Keep in mind that you must try to eliminate deadwood while at the same time you form sets, runs, or both.

Do you want to improve your Gin Rummy skills? No worries! You always have the option to start a NEW Gin Rummy Game anytime.

Hurry up! Make yourself comfortable and choose your favorite card backs, beautifully designed backgrounds, and simple yet impressive card fronts.


– "Quick and fun as well as challenging. Having a great time with this Gin Rummy game."
– "Great Gin Rummy game. Highly addictive."
– "What an awesome game, really quick."
– "I play this game to stop the millions of thoughts going through my mind when l cannot sleep."
– "This is such a great game I never knew how to play Gin Rummy I love it."
– "I play it every night before sleep! Absolutely love it! Reminds me of when I was a kid!"

Play the Best and highly addicting Five Star Gin Rummy game!

Not just Gin Rummy! We work hard to make sure you’ll get the best experience with regular and continuous updates.

Do remember to rate us. It makes us happy to keep providing you with even better and extraordinary experiences.
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