Ghost Dragonfly Jets – Paulina Miazga

Paulina Miazga - Ghost Dragonfly Jets artwork Ghost Dragonfly Jets
Paulina Miazga
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: June 29, 2016

Ghost Dragonfly Jets.

Fly the fully armored aircraft. Experience the action and drama of head to head mid air flight combat and defeat all enemies. Build up your flying skills and enhance your experience further.

Ghost Dragonfly Jets offers the latest in next-gen high console quality graphics with ultimate accurate touch inputs, plane motions and movements. Experience the most perfect flight representation developed directly for your iOS device.

Strike at the heart of the enemies with a wide range of on-board defenses. From armor-piercing laser to homing missiles. Become victorious as you advance on your missions.

• Realistic combat flight simulator
• Full iPad Retina support
• Easy touch controls
• Excellent 3D graphics
• Exciting gameplay
• Highly addictive – you will want to play again and again
• Excellent sound effects
• Realistic guns and explosions
• Multiple camera views – cockpit, behind and many more

If you liked Ghost Dragonfly Jets, we love hearing from you, so send us your feedback and improvements and we will try to implement all new features into updates. So please, feel free to contact us to give your feedback!

Recent Improvements:
• Bug fix with controls
• Better HD graphics now in game
• Performance update
• Small bug fix with battery life improvements

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