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Genre: Games
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Release Date: November 5, 2015

Welcome to GeezGame:

This is educational game, which teach Arabic, English, Fidel and Qubee alphabet letters in a fun way. The game is for any one interested to learn alphabets, or play space shooter game just for fun, disregard to age limit.

Don't push your kids to study alphabets, tell them to play game and have fun, its a win win :). Spread the words!!!

How To Play
1.Select Alphabet Types (Arabic, English, Fidel or Qubee)
2.Select Alphabet Groups (First 10, Next 10, Last 10 or All)
3.Select Game Speed (Slow, Medium or Fast), then the game will start.
4.If you want to change alphabet type or group or game speed, click on Settings button on top right corner.
5. To move the player left / right. Use (left) / (right) arrows, located on the left bottom section of the screen.
6. To fire shot. Use button (a), located on the right bottom section of the screen

How GeezGame Teaches:
1.1st thing player will get familiar with the sound and shape of alphabets
2.Through repetition, they will start associating sound of alphabet to the shape of alphabet
3.It can also serve as a supportive tool, to rehearse or practice alphabets studied on a book or at school

How GeezGame Structured:
1.Alphabets are grouped into 4 different buckets (1st 10, next 10, last 10 and all alphabets)
=> This helps beginners focus on specific group of alphabets, until they get familiar with those, before they move to the next group.
=> All Alphabets bucket, will have all the alphabets, which is recommended to be played, once done with the first 3 groups.

The way the game works, and score:

1. Alphabets will be dropped randomly by the enemy space ship.
2. The player space ship, will fire a shot to shoot down the alphabets and the enemy space ship.
3. If the players shot hit the alphabet, will hear the sound of the alphabet (e.g: if you hit letter 'ha', you will hear 'ha' sound…). and will receive 10 points score for any successful hit.
4. If the player shot hit the enemy space ship, will receive 5 points score
5. If the alphabet lands on the player, the player will die / loose one of the lives it has.
6. If you lose all lives you have, you will loose the game and prompted to play again.
6. If the alphabets fall off the ground with out being hit, you will loose 5 points.
7. Once you accumulate 100 scores, your lives will be incremented by 1.
8. If you reach to 7 lives, you will win, and prompted to go to the next level, which will be a bit faster than the previous levels and more complex.

Have fun, learn Geez, spread the words…

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